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Maximising Small Space Ideas (Furniture Ver.)


Does your small house feel stuffy and cramped due to limited space? Do you have so many things in your home that it feels impossible to hide them out of the guest’s sight or have to sacrifice your aesthetic and private space? Fear not! Here are some ideas that would make your home look bigger, become a space saver and also maintain style.

Maximize Shelving

Shelves are simply one of the best methods to saving storage as you are corralling your items into one fitted space. Utilise the small and empty areas or corners of your room to make built-in shelves that’ll look more comprehensive and give the room more character. Corner shelves, door shelves and desktop shelves are some examples of small and quirky shelf ideas that will suit small rooms.

Wall-mount Everything

Leave the floors alone and start playing with your walls by attaching furniture to them. Aside from the advantageous space-saving, it will also offer lesser risks of your cabinets or other floor-standing enclosures being knocked over by your pets while preventing your small children from drawing art on the walls! Wall-mounted TVs, wall-mounted shelves, wall-mounted shoe racks, and so on. You’ll be walking in your home much more freely after regaining the necessary floor space!

Use Multi-purpose Furniture

Just as the name says, it is furniture with several functions combined. Though the functions may differ, they typically serve storage purposes—thus turning them into storage furniture. In addition, multi-purpose furniture exercises convenience and flexibility in your daily routines and at the same time it is also cost-saving! Some of the game-changers of multipurpose furniture would include multifunctional loft beds and multifunctional coffee tables. 

Implement Room Dividers

Room dividers are portable walls that offer visual screening between rooms. They are usually called partitions, screens, or panels. Therefore, instead of investing in building walls and adding new doors, opt for implementing dividers to separate your one big room into smaller sections. Moreover, a big piece of furniture can also become a room divider. For instance, a large bookcase can separate your big living room to create a small section for your dining room. Not only is it cost-saving and maximises space, but it will also liven up your room and may act as a focal point to highlight the main decoration

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