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Puan Hidayah – Sungai Merab

Puan Hidayah

Puan Hidayah’s renovated bungalow in Malaysia is a testament to GoDeco’s expertise in creating a comfortable and stylish living space for a growing family. The project was driven by the desire to accommodate the needs of a married couple and children, resulting in a remarkable transformation of the house.

The renovation began with the living room, where GoDeco decided to create an open and spacious environment. By removing the ceiling, the living room instantly exudes a sense of airiness and grandeur. The strategic use of grey, brown, and white colors contributes to a calming and cool atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and family gatherings. The open layout encourages a seamless flow between different areas, making the living room the heart of the home.

Moving to the dry kitchen, GoDeco’s design principles focused on elegance and functionality. The color scheme of grey and white sets a modern tone, while pendant lights add a touch of sophistication to the space. High-quality marble tabletops and well-designed cabinets, including dedicated spaces for the fridge and oven, ensure a neat and organized kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical for daily use.

Level 1 was designated as the entertainment space, where the color palette of white and brown creates a contemporary and inviting atmosphere. GoDeco thoughtfully chose fabric furniture to enhance comfort and ensure a tidy appearance. To optimize the environment, sliding doors were recommended for the entertainment room. These doors not only allow ample natural light to flood the space but also promote good air circulation, resulting in a healthier and more energy-efficient setting.

On the second floor, GoDeco employed an ingenious combination of mirrors and bright curtains to visually expand the space. By strategically placing mirrors, the rooms appear larger and more open, effectively countering the potential claustrophobic feeling associated with proximity to the ceiling. The bright curtains further amplify the brightness of the rooms, creating an environment that feels cool, serene, and uncluttered, perfectly complementing the minimalist design approach.

The wet kitchen, though not overly large, was transformed into a practical and chic space. A 100% white color scheme was chosen to maximize the perception of cleanliness and simplicity. GoDeco’s minimalist approach ensures that the kitchen remains functional and visually appealing, with the added benefit of a window to prevent any smells or smoke from permeating the rest of the house.

The renovation also considered practical aspects, such as the laundry room, which was thoughtfully moved outdoors. This change allows Puan Hidayah to conveniently hang clothes without worrying about indoor dampness, resulting in a more organized and pleasant household environment.

In conclusion, Puan Hidayah’s renovated two-storey terrace house is a masterful display of GoDeco’s design prowess. Each space has been meticulously crafted to provide an optimal living experience, with a seamless blend of modern aesthetics and practicality. The result is a welcoming and stylish home that caters to the needs and aspirations of Puan Hidayah’s growing family for years to come.