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En Azlan – Bangi

En Azlan

En Azlan’s two-storey terrace house, conveniently located in Bangi, caught the attention of GoDeco when he expressed his desire to completely renovate and transform the entire space. Eager to take on the challenge, GoDeco diligently prepared all the necessary documents, sketches, and quotations to bring En Azlan’s vision to life.

Starting with the living room, GoDeco embarked on a comprehensive makeover, leaving no element untouched. The room was completely transformed, from the tiles, cabinets, and ceiling to the lighting and color scheme. To achieve a modern and luxurious ambiance, GoDeco skillfully blended the elegant trio of white, gold, and brown. The end result is a living room that exudes opulence and sophistication, becoming an ideal setting for relaxation and entertainment.

Moving on to the bedrooms, GoDeco worked its magic to create stunning spaces that epitomize comfort and style. Utilizing a soothing grey color palette and adding vertical lines on the walls, the bedrooms were carefully designed to evoke a bright and spacious feel. Embracing a minimalist concept, clutter was eliminated, allowing the rooms to breathe and exude a sense of tranquility.

The dry kitchen is equally captivating, boasting a soft blue and white color scheme that evokes a sense of serenity. A must-have in any modern kitchen, pendant lights add a touch of charm and elegance. The well-designed cabinet not only enhances the aesthetics but also ensures a neat and organized culinary space. With thoughtful planning, GoDeco reserved ample space for both the fridge and oven. The marble countertop is not only a statement piece but also easy to maintain, contributing to the kitchen’s cleanliness and overall charm. To accentuate the sense of space, GoDeco’s expert designers strategically placed white lighting, creating an illusion of a wider and more open environment.

In conclusion, GoDeco’s renovation of En Azlan’s two-storey terrace house is a testament to the company’s exceptional design expertise and attention to detail. Each room was thoughtfully curated to reflect En Azlan’s vision of a modern, luxurious, and spacious living environment. The harmonious blend of colors, lighting, and minimalist concepts creates a serene and inviting abode, showcasing GoDeco’s commitment to transforming houses into dream homes.