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Mr Navind – Sri Gombak

Mr Navind

Welcome to Mr. Navind’s splendid two-story terraced house, situated in the enchanting locality of Sri Gombak. While the house possessed immense potential, it yearned for a touch of beauty and luxury to fulfill Mr. Navind’s dreams. Enlisting the expertise of GoDeco, his aspirations were brought to life with remarkable success.

The living room stands as a testament to GoDeco’s ingenious approach in creating an inviting and spacious ambiance. The original layout underwent a transformation, with walls being broken down to open up the space and allow seamless flow between the living room and dry kitchen. The result is a modern, interconnected area where family and guests can gather and converse comfortably. Gray tiles grace the floor, creating an elegant foundation, while LED lights imbue the room with a warm and welcoming glow.

In the kitchen, GoDeco’s design brilliance is further evident with a selection of brown cabinets that add a touch of sophistication while ensuring the counter remains elevated and uncluttered. Pendant lights delicately suspended above the counter add a stylish touch, perfectly complementing the modern concept of the kitchen. The kitchen dining table, thoughtfully chosen and well-matched with the overall color scheme and lighting, completes this culinary haven, becoming a delightful spot for sharing meals and creating cherished memories.

The dry stove area embraces a refined concept akin to a hipster bar or coffee shop, exuding uniqueness and individuality that sets Mr. Navind’s house apart from others. This creative touch epitomizes GoDeco’s dedication to creating distinctive and exceptional living spaces, tailored to each client’s desires and tastes.

To infuse Mr. Navind’s house with a captivating allure, pendant lights have been strategically installed, casting a mesmerizing glow and enhancing the ambiance. These thoughtfully selected accessories add an element of exclusivity, complementing the darker color scheme of the house and elevating its overall appeal.

Even in the most intimate spaces, GoDeco’s design acumen shines through. The renovated toilet showcases a simple yet minimalistic beauty. The tasteful use of mosaics with natural motifs adorns the space, adding a touch of charm and creativity to the otherwise practical area.

With every element thoughtfully considered, Mr. Navind’s house is a testament to GoDeco’s commitment to realizing their clients’ dreams. A harmonious blend of modernity, sophistication, and uniqueness, the house stands as a testament to the power of innovative design and expert craftsmanship. As GoDeco invites you to embark on your renovation journey, rest assured that your dreams will come true with their unwavering dedication, creative flair, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. Embrace the journey of transformation with GoDeco, and create a home that is truly a reflection of your aspirations and individuality.