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Puan Asmah's

Puan Asmah’s house is a renovated bungalow in Damansara, a lively neighbourhood in the centre of Kuala Lumpur. The project was born out of a desire to make the current house larger to accommodate a married couple and their four children, as well as to welcome new family members and host visitors in a homey atmosphere. The family was looking for a house that was clear, pleasant, and private, with views of the city as a bonus. All aspects of the design process, including landscape, architecture, and interiors, are mindful of the site’s environment and culture. The design is divided into three basic elements: volume, line, and plane. 

It’s the ground level layout that epitomises the flowing space idea. Internal rooms were organised in a continuous flow to maximise cross ventilation from the front to the rear of the home. The patio, positioned adjacent to the living room, welcomes guests as they enter the home. The customer had specific architectural and space needs, so the inside was reworked while most of the outside façade characteristics were preserved. For this project, we worked closely with the client.

An artificial grass-planted front patio welcomes you as you approach the foyer from the street. As soon as you enter the front door, the living and dining rooms merge into a single, expansive area. The continuous flow of spatial quality may be achieved by an open space layout that connects the living, dining, patio, and kitchen areas. The Asian kitchen at the back of the home has a large sliding door to allow for optimal air flow. The kitchen has access to the back yard, so the owner may cook while taking in the view. A perimeter wall kept diners safe from prying eyes in the back courtyard, which doubled as an outdoor patio for breakfast and tea or BBQ night.