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Residential Construction

On the basis of the provided specifications, we presented several different types of residential building construction.

Bungalow House
Do you have your own land? Small or large, we can build your dream home up to 10,000 square feet!
Terrace & Semi-D House
Renovations are common in terraced homes. It is possible for us to transform your house into something that stands out from the crowd and appears to be brand new.
Condominium & Apartment
Is your current dwelling too cramped for your needs? However, if you work with us, your house will look more elegant and spacious than ever before.
Commercial Construction

We have earned this respect through the development of high-quality, long-lasting structures over the years.

Cafe & Restaurant
Have no idea how to start a restaurant? What if your restaurant is unattractive and you have no customers? The customers will come if we build something beautiful.
Office Building
If you own an office building, you have the option of renting out individual offices or the entire complex. Let's give it a personal touch to boost productivity at work.
Hotel & Resort
Do you know that we've constructed hotels and resorts, and their business turnover is usually faster.
Architectural Design

Our dedication to you is to craft a luxurious living space that is distinctive and one of a kind.

Contemporary House
We create harmony with the natural environment and reflect the values of the present while break away from the past. Innovation is our guiding principle.
Nordic English House
There are many different 21st century architectural ideas and directions represented in this design, all of which bring a fresh perspective on the importance of architectural expression and creation in today's society.
Historical House
The thing that makes us remember a place. While historic architecture has charm, modern architecture can be inspiring at its best.
Modern Classic House
We emphasises sustainability aims to create long-lasting, well-crafted buildings adapted to the context and using natural resources efficiently.
Modern Bali House
We combine traditional aesthetic principles, the island's abundance of natural materials, the artistry and craftmanship of its people, and international architecture influences, new techniques, and trends in our Balinese architecture.
Brutalist House
We insert elements in Brutalist buildings, which are massive, monolithic, and 'blocky' with a rigid geometric style and large-scale use of poured concrete.
Tropical House
To adapt to the tropical climate, we concentrate and adapt our efforts. Due to their lower environmental impact, they are better for the world around them.
Project Management

Because we handle everything, you won’t have to. Every step of the way, from conception to completion, is our responsibility.

Optimize & Accelerate Project Schedule
We've got the expertise and experience to get you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time possible.